Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 117 - At Sea

Wednesday, May 7

Went to bed last night around 1:30 and expected to sleep until about 10 but I started having a series of dreams about not being packed to disembark.  So, I got up a little before 9 to a cloudy, rainy day which went along with my outlook on packing.

Watched the morning show while I figured out where I wanted to start packing and which case I would pack first.  I finally decided to start with my souvenirs and put them in the case that has a hard bottom and is expandable.  I started pulling things out of the under bed drawers.  Did I really buy all this stuff?  I found things I had totally forgotten.

I switched over to watching John Bridcut's lecture on Hillary Clinton as I packed.  I rearranged things a few times and finally finished around 10:45.  One down, three to go.  Ugh!

Left the stateroom about 11 and went up to the Lido area to use up a few more internet minutes.    Had lunch with Hilda and then went to the World Voyage lounge to finish my book.

At 1:45 I headed down to deck three to queue up for UK immigration.  They opened a little before two and since I was about the twelfth in line I was through by 2:00.  They only asked when I was going home and if I had a place to stay and a ticket home.

Then to Needlework/Knitting group early.  Only had about twelve people today.

Trivia was fairly hard and I only had eleven correct (none of my team was there).  I will be interested to see next year on HAL if I will do better since I am expecting more US/Canadian questions (although I still will be no good with sports questions).

Tonight was our last formal night.  It was also the Parade of Chefs and Lobster or Beef Wellington and Baked Alaska night.  We received our copies of the menus and I had a waiter take a picture of the seven of us plus our waiter, assistant waiter, and wine steward.

The show was a repeat so I surfed the net again trying to use up minutes.  Then went to the Purser's Office to get envelopes for the extra tips I am leaving.  The nice young man, Pascal, who helped us find the lift in Naples was working the desk.  I am turning in one of the "You Have Been A Star" cards for him.

Picked up my OJ and came back to pack my formal wear.  Two down two to go.

Smooth sailing until next time!

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